Friday, May 29, 2015

"Common Heroes" coming along...

Common Heroes (Phil, John, Daron). Each 16 3/8 x 12 ½ in. Gouache, ink, ink wash, and collaged satellite views of Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant in Delray, plus map of Delray, and photo of chainlink fence in Delray.

Phil—“Mentor and guitar teacher who is an all-around amazing guy. He does it all on top of studying to be an architect. A lot of kids move out of Southwest Detroit once they get older, but he’s stayed and he gives back a lot.”
John—“John is really invested in this city. He provides opportunities to young people in Detroit, and he is always involved in important projects like the murals. I met him as Pastor John but he’s really just my friend John. I think the students he works with feel the same. He makes faith relate-able. I think his congregation is going places. “

Daron—“First to arrive and last to leave during community projects.” “He and I moved 1,000 tires in one day once.” At 15 years old, Daron helps mow the grass at the fire station and loves football and acting. He was recently in one of the featured films of “Detroit Voices” at the DIA and Ann Arbor (“Wait 'til the Wolves Make Nice” by Jessica dela Merced).